Top Online Betting Websites: The Summits of Mount Chance

For all its delights, online betting proves a rather grueling undertaking. Its rites seem to be a bit of a riddle for the vast majority of prospective punters who are spurred by a feeling of an imminent profiteering. There is more to sports betting, however, and we are here to pry open the black box. Our goal is to guide you through the motions until such a time that you are familiar with the ropes of sports betting. With the slew of online betting sites out there, it is quite difficult to pinpoint the gems, but in the river of muck, there are jewels to be picked and veins to be mined.

Our goal at is to be a traveler’s book for the belated punter and be an indelible part of your betting experience. We have done our homework, and focused on concisely presenting important aspects of sports betting in a concise and exciting way that adds value to your own flutters.

Our Recommended Betting Sites For 2024

an honest look at sportsbooks by sports bettors

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What we liked

  • Lots of promotions
  • Trusted and reputable
  • Intuitive, powerful platform

Variety of sports

  • Soccer
  • Handball
  • Boxing
  • Esports
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

Payout speed

1-2 days


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Bet365 #2 Bet365 Review
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  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Horse Recing
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
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  • Wide selection of markets
  • Excellent live support
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • Horse Recing
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
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888sport #4 888sport Review
300% Up to $30*
  • Early cash out on your bets
  • High wagering limits
  • Plenty of promotions
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Horse Recing
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Formula1
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Betfair #5 Betfair Review
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  • Live betting and odds
  • Accepts Crypto
  • Excellent customer support
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Cycling
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10bet #6 10bet Review
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  • Sure betting options
  • Large selection of leagues and bet types
  • Excellent odds on 65,000 events
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Darts
  • Horse Recing
  • Volleyball
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Online Sports Betting Sites – What Is On The Menu?

Sifting through the constellations of online betting sites often leaves one clueless. We have the nose for sniffing out the bad apples and casting them away while channeling our efforts into discussing why the remainder are the top brass. Our reviews will offer a well-balanced insight into what we hold to be the best bookies currently operating on the market.

Before we decide to include a sportsbook as a recommendation, there is myriad criteria that need to be checked and confirmed, and this takes due diligence. To ease the screening process, we have come up with a basic list of prerequisites we are constantly on the lookout for, including, and sometimes not limited to:

  • Safety & Reliability
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Range of Sports & Events
  • Odds & Lines
  • Betting Options
  • In-play & Mobile
  • Banking Options
  • Credibility

Here is yet another daunting list, but it is not all that overwhelming as mere appearances may suggest. For starters, as with any sort of transaction online, Safety & Reliability must be uppermost in the minds of punters. How do you trust the bookie you have come across?

You’ll find the following on this site:

sport betting links

Within our guide you will find the best online sports betting sites, money transfer policies and amazing bonus offers.

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For the most part, prospector punters turn to the World Wide Web, as you have probably done just now, to ferret out hard facts about sports betting. The best online betting sites will have a strong and very palpable presence, and therefore reviews of varying tinge will be available. Not one bookie will have an unblemished reputation, so prepare yourselves to read about punters pummeled by misfortune as much as those who have made killings. Contrasting opinions, however, point to a plain truth – no one is infallible and the bottom line is whether the good about a sports bookie outweighs its flagrant misdeeds. More on this later.

Bonuses & Promotions

High Roller Bonuses

Bonuses & Promotions are what oftentimes would have punters salivating at the prospect of tidy profits. There are a few caveats to be wary of here as well, and we have a presentable account of those in our piece on bonuses. Most importantly, punters ought to peruse the wagering requirements, which set the conditions under which bonuses and promotions can be withdrawn.

When it comes to the range of sports, the top bookies will not stint, expanding in even dodgy markets where match-fixing is a common concern. You will quickly tease out a trend – the biggest online betting sites tend to have all major sports up and running, including football, basketball, cricket, horse racing, greyhounds and probably.

sites with best odds

Odds are another important consideration. What are the best online betting sites for odds? One may ponder.

We have written a well-rounded guide about odds and we have briefly discussed those as part of our perusal of bonus conditions.

Sportsbookies go back a long way. Their online incarnations are rather a new phenomenon. It would be a fair bet to assume that some of you are now reading this on your mobiles. In-play and mobile betting have become an inseparable part of the betting landscape today and they merit our consideration as well as your attention.

Lastly, pondering how credible a sportsbook is, you may wrack your brains and still not come up with a straight answer. The plain truth is, bookies will always try to turn a profit out of their punters, but we are here to keep you aware of the pitfalls and help you circumnavigate them aptly.

Know Your Worth And Get More Bang For Your Buck At Top Online Sports Betting Sites

Types of Sportsbetting WagersTake a lookSportsbetting Wagers

Defeating the bookies is an unremitting pursuit. It is tantamount to a fictional character being doomed to push a boulder uphill just to see it toppled back once the summits have been reached. Nevermind the feeble attempt at a parable, punters such as yourselves will no doubt be flicking wagers on sports in the hopes of adding an extra dimension to the game, an extra layer of fun, if you will. And we understand that. No fewer of you will also be in it to turn a tidy profit. Hardly a shame in that, either. How does one, however, make the most out of their betting experience, both in monetary and emotional terms?

After reviewing the rich criteria, which determine whether a bookie is good or rather bad, it is time to single out those that will make it a top your daily betting rotations.

Tell the good apples from the bad ones

good bookies decision

In one experiment, a mathematician decided to square it off with the bookies and through meticulous number crunching teased out two distinctive and vastly beneficial trends:

  • By having multiple bookies to bet at, punters can effectively slash the advantage of sportsbooks;
  • Secondly, most of his profits came through wagering on draw matches;
  • However, he stressed that the methodology developed for one market, in his case the Premier League for football, could not be immediately transferred to other championships

David Sumpter did manage to notch up a 200% return after rigorous number crunching but he also outlined the difficulties that lied ahead of anyone trying to reliably turn sports betting into a juicy source of income. His warnings ring true, but they do not explain the hundreds of sports bettors who successfully rake in proceedings of considerable amounts.

Our Recommended Choice
6 /6
Verified Betting Site
Full Review

To thrash out a working way of boosting profitability, punters such as yourself need to handpick their sports bookies. The biggest online betting sites are oftentimes tantamount to the best ones out there. Once you have the list pinned down neatly, or even chained, you will need to carry out additional preparations:

  • Make sure the websites you have picked are reputable
  • Research them to avoid running into rookie mistakes
  • Reach out to other bettors for advice
  • Wager at a fraction of your bankroll

Striving to come victorious against the bookies can be both enjoyable and demanding. But one sure way to get the most out of one’s betting experience is to identify the best bookies first and then start tentatively laying down wagers. Making full use of bonuses when you are first familiarizing yourselves with the sports betting terrain is advisory, but bonuses may be dropped altogether later as they will foist restraints on you and oftentimes rush you to take wagers just to be eligible to withdraw your bonus earnings lest an offer expires. Remember, sports betting should be considerate as opposed to done on a whim.

Safety First, Online Betting Sites Want Users That Can Trust Them

licensed and regulated bookies

All of which is jolly good. Bookies have come to realize that tomfoolery would not cut it. Interestingly enough, the industry had been raking up solid profits before attempts at regulations were made.

A few blows below the waist have been reported throughout the years, but bookies have been quick to sit up and take notice that such behavior would just drive potential customers away. Precisely why all sportsbookies will tack with the wind today and strive to disengage themselves from any shady affairs.

Acknowledgement of past mistakes also has done a lot to contribute to the more credible image of bookies these days. Instead of covering those up, the majority of sportsbooks have owned up. It has been a smart and highly-efficient move, casting themselves as fallible organizations, they have garnered sympathy from punters. The sleeves-up, ideological onslaught of sportsbooks has done a lot to whip up excitement and spread the bon mot.

But it is not just some flimsy waffle. Sportsbooks have changed for the better. Most of them have accepted to toe regulations and hundreds of thousands of transactions carried on daily basis have served as tangible proof of a repentant sinner.

However, there are insights to be learnt when it comes down to safety at sportsbookies. Hands down, you will not see yourself running around looking for missing money, but there are a host of things to be on the lookout for. Wagering requirements, for instance, can easily be your most important point of reference and at the same time a rather tedious undertaking.

You have sought our advice and here it is – read carefully prior to setting out at any sportsbook. Make sure there are sufficient reviews about the bookie and look back into the murky past of the industry for any signs if the bookie has been there.

Regulated, the most popular online betting sites would hardly allow themselves to be seen as a coterie of petty thieves, and they are not. They are not without cunning, however, and their wiles lie in being extremely careful of incentivizing players to keep playing. Part of being safe at sportsbook is knowing when to flick a flutter and when to resist an obvious temptation.

To Seed Change, Best Online Sports Betting Sites Go Mobile

mobile sports betting

While online sports betting has been a revolution in its own right, people have become even more intransigent in the ways they would want to flick bets these days. Smartphones have shined a new rather filmy light on the future prospects of betting.

Today most of it is carried online and the biggest online betting sites have done everything in their power to cultivate great and punch-packing apps that can serve the frenzied bettor mashing keyboards at a rapid clip.

Not only have mobile betting changed the rules of the game from a geographical standpoint. It has also been an act of freedom. Today, you will be able to bet from virtually any point in the world, notwithstanding possible delays due to poor bandwidth. All joking aside, sports bookies have made sure that the mobile versions live up to their desktop versions.

This applies to all of the world’s biggest markets, including the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, and Australia. The best online sites in these four markets have their mobile incarnations readily available to anyone with disposable income and a betting turn of mind. Naturally, you may already be familiar with in-play betting or live betting, another vastly popular type of betting.

mobile betting - the dominating sport betting

Sports Betting Goes On Camera – A Limelight That Shines Bright

live streaming betting sites

Virtually every last one of the most popular online betting sites out there has in-play betting. This is just a telltale sign of the commitment of a website towards the segment. In-play betting has become an ingrained part of punters very DNA and not least of all – it is another major factor to judge the bookie by.

For starters, in-play betting is difficult to pull off. It requires a rethinking of the strategies used by bookies to crunch their odds. But it immensely enhances the value for us punters. It gives a greater field of play when it comes to punters, and we will have to admit that variety is a tantalizing aspect of sports betting.

In-play betting also adds live streaming, which is not readily supported by every sports book out there. Those that do have the feature as part of their desktop and mobile incarnations do consider it a feather in their cap.

When you add the massiveness of the effort required to pull the whole range of useful features and discover new betting grounds, we as punters can appreciate the dedication on part of sportsbooks. The customer is always right is not a wide-eyed idea even in the ethereal world of online sports betting. There is substance to it and bookies do well by listening to the pulse of the throngs of bettors happily flicking wagers away.

Sounding A Retreat Or Claiming One’s Rightful Winnings – All Possible At Online Betting Sites

  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Minimum odds: 1/2 (1.5)
  • Sports: 30+
  • Payout Speed: Very quick
  • EGR Awards Winner 2017
  • Initial bonus: Unexciting
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T&Cs Apply, 18+

betting offers and odds

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds from one’s account or between bankrolls, punters will always feel a mild bout of trepidation. Therefore knowing that your bookie is a credible institution rather than a pooterish conniver is always a good thing.

For the most part, bookies that are reliable will offer you a limited, but quite generous way of moving money around, such as direct banking, credit/debit card, e-Wallets and several other. Caveat emptor, however – funding your account or depositing money in it, can have very realm implications for your welcome bonus and whether you can use it. For the most part, bookies shun new users who fund through e-Wallets, because confirming one’s identity is rather more complicated then.

  • Paypal
  • Entropay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • iDeal
  • Paysafecard

Still, having punters money frozen, wagers voided and generally playing blind would not cut it with the savvy punters and such bookies will not only be ostracized but quickly lose any credibility. Not to mention that amid growing regulatory concerns and more people readily submitting personal information at bookies, the best online sports betting sites know they are liable if they decide to flaunt regulations and betray our trust. The good news is the websites we have in mind do not. And if they did, they would not be on our list.

All Markets Known To Bettors Are Available

all available sport markets

Have you ever felt hemmed in by an avalanche of constraints that have been foisted on you? With the best online betting sites, you need not worry about that. All of the renowned bookies have done a stellar job of introducing markets not only for every sport that may excite interest, but also marginalized markets.

Naturally, the preoccupation with small markets has always been that they are more prone to foul practices, especially when players make rather less money than the wagers in circulation. Scrutiny over the sports betting industry has however intensified the fight against such practices and sportsbooks, surprisingly, have become the bastions against game rigging.

Steady of purpose, sportsbooks have continued to expand into new markets in the pursuit of untapped potential. And for many of us, that untapped potential has come to be incarnated by our very own eagerness to boldly go where no punter has been before – and do so safely.

As outlined by Sumpter in his experiment, by spreading our money between bookies we stand a great, or should we say greater, chance of turning a profit. Throwing a variety of markets in the mix would only even the playfield further. There are reasons for concern. The influx of new information may overwhelm even the grey-haired punters, so you may want to keep playing with a few teams and fewer sports in mind, both recreationally or professionally.

Luckily for you, wise words have been said in our guide article.
sport betting statiistic in the US

Live Fast, Die Young And The Online Betting Sites That Did Not Make It

Emerging betting websites are not so uncommon and they tend to proliferate at a good clip. However, few last long enough to make their presence felt, and event fewer could be rightfully designated trustworthy.

In any event, late entrants in the regulation-ridden field should be prepared to pull their weight. The same standards we hold our established mastodons by, should be applied without a fail to those newly-fledged bookies.

Normally, features that are absent cannot be really cited as drawbacks, but will be noted all the same. For fresh bookies to succeed, they will need to excel at what they have promised in their terms and conditions. Bad press for some obscure bookie may quickly tip the balance in favor of more established ones. In order for the minnows to swim with the big fish, they will need to beat on against currents that oftentimes are beyond their ken.

Top 3 Options For In Play Sports Betting

live betting has never been easier

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Welcome Bonus*
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What Doesn’t Kyl You Makes You Stronger

is it legal to bet on sports

The whole brouhaha around sports betting legality goes a long, long way back. Back in 1998, Senator John Kyl introduced the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act which could have easily had serious implications for sports betting had it not failed to pass – twice, most recently in 2000.

As we said a little earlier, sports bookies want to position themselves where punters can trust them, and there is hardly any shame in that. Most markets are rather easy to navigate, dictated by clear-cut rules. However, the battle for the morality and legality of sports betting in the United States is raging in full.

These days gambling licenses are issued in Antigua, Barbuda, Malta, Gibraltar and Isle of Man. However, offshore grey areas may soon come under rapid fire in Europe, following the latest revelation of an international media group, who posted their Paradise Papers, pointing to tax monkey business.

Back to sports betting, it is important to see if a bookie is actually a certified company, saving yourself unwanted hassles with authorities. Now, while a license will not guarantee you a bookie is true to form, it will at least ensure that you will not run into trouble unnecessarily. Bookies’ bid for more legal recognition is also what makes them seek personal information to ensure everyone on their pages is of age.

Online Betting Sites Time Out

online sports betting overview

So what we have come to learn here is that sports betting is hardly a matter of black and white. Nor grey, for that matter. Logic dictates that the good and the bad of the industry will meet in the middle to create a well-balanced tinge. However, the fortunes of sports betting are in a state of constant flux. Which way they will swing next is anyone’s guess. It is our job to make sure we stay abreast of the latest developments and put them to good use when pursuing riches. As the storm rages, we need to remind ourselves that while they can be destructive, storms may also bring redemption. And on occasion – full coffers.

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