Mobile Online Betting Or How To Turn a Profit on the Go

Millennials are a hard generation to nail down with their always-changing interests and needs. The frivolous side of the cohort of today’s sports betting has had a marked impact on how bookies perceive their clients. The whole ecosystem has been changed to include, mobile betting apps, omnichannel services, and just when you thought romance was dead, the introduction of crossplatform offerings.

Our betting grounds are spacious and we at have quite the area to cover. Here and there, we will run into an errant bookie and examine the wonderer in passing while focusing on the nitty-gritty of sports betting and how it is successfully done via one’s smartphone.

millennials mobile gambling

Throughout our review, you will learn about:

Where Is Mobile Sports Betting Headed?

Statistics at a glanceTo say mobile sports betting has been expanding in leaps and bounds would be an understatement. Just to garner a better understanding of what the industry is about, consider that this segment of sports betting was projected to fetch between $500 billion and $1 trillion every year. Back in 2015, the industry was projected to increase by 30%. By the same estimate, the global betting market today is valued at between $1.1 trillion and $2.1 trillion and mobile betting is such an omnipresent activity that iTunes and Google Play Store offer over 700 betting apps combined. A more recent forecast has the number of mobile bettors grow by 100 million by 2018 and mobile sports betting as a whole would hold 40% of the market.

The prognosis looks quite upbeat and it is by no measure an overkill. Sports betting seems to have a bright future ahead of it and despite an aging base, profits seem to be soaring ever higher. Another great stratagem deployed by the best mobile betting websites is conversion and reaching out to younger demographics with plenty of disposable income. In other words, bookies will attempt to rivet the interest of the deep-pocketed prospective punters. Once this has been accomplished, bookies may attempt to pitch other suggestions to bettors.

Speaking Of, What Are The Best Mobile Betting Sites?

We have happily shortlisted a few candidates that are quite up there when it comes to delivering a stellar betting experience, including Betway, Bet365, Bovada, 888sport, Betfair, and 10Bet. All of these bookies perform well across several criteria:

  • Security
  • Fast turn around
  • Abundancy of markets/odds
  • Live betting
  • Variety of depositing and withdrawing options

Bookies have fine-tuned their offers by introducing a number of betting options, and most certainly catering to those punters who could not see themselves slaving to a TV set in order to be able to see how a game would end. To this end, the best sports betting sites quickly revamped their desktop websites to be mobile-friendly and tailor-made some offerings that are exclusive to mobile bettors.

Mobile betting will certainly be a central piece of any respectable bookie’s expansion strategy. Naturally, bookies have worked a way to pack all the power of sports betting into neat little solutions know as apps.

Top 3 Mobile Betting Apps

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Mobile Sports Betting Apps Or Mashing Keyboards Like Madmen

Being a dab hand at mobile sports betting does not necessitate that you are constantly at your phone, but it certainly helps if you make a habit out of checking the glowy display regularly.

Bookies have sought, and succeeded naturally, in catering to bettors’ appetites. The engines of this change have been illustrious enough with all betting apps running on either Android or iOS, albeit the latter takes a slight edge over Android.

How does mobile betting come handy?

in play betting alerts

It offers great chances for in-play betting

The ability to follow through with a game and see how the odds change can help you withdraw pull out a bet while you are still winning. Still, we maintain that while in-play betting is quite nifty, most successful bets happen well ahead of time. In other words, the earlier you are to bet, provided your decision is founded on what you consider hard facts, the greater your chances of raking in richer pickings is.

Free to do our own mistakes

Place Bets Even During A Busy ScheduleIndeed, mobile betting is mostly trying to please punters who are constantly on the move. By making it painfully easy for them to flick bets in the in-betweens of busy schedules, the same punters are more likely to be depositing cash more often.

Caution needs to be exercised here, as not taking betting seriously and just flicking bets at bookies in a pursuit of a daily quota may generally be considered a losing strategy.

Most of your mistakes, punters, would be done for bookies


mobile sports betting criteriaOffering mobile sports betting is more than a sop. It is an honest attempt of bookies to bolster up their conversion rates and expose the punters to as many markets and sports as the market can hold.

This benefits both parties, i.e. mobile betting sites and punters alike. Punters may boldly try to juggle odds and thus rev up their chances of winning. We at advise you to keep your peeled and hedge against adversity. Spread your bets across various bookies.

This benefits both parties, i.e. mobile betting sites and punters alike. Punters may boldly try to juggle odds and thus rev up their chances of winning. We at advise you to keep your peeled and hedge against adversity. Spread your bets across various bookies.

Out of the bookies we have reviewed, we could hardly discern the best mobile betting app. The simple fact is that they all meet criteria such as in-play betting, bonuses, functionality of the mobile version equal to that of the desktop version, and additional goodies such as crossplatform betting. More about that, in the section below.

‘Cross the Platforms of Mobile Betting Sites

The crossplatform feature of the best mobile betting sites is quite the boon to any type of betting. What is it? Well, we have already mentioned it! It is basically equating the functionality of the two iterations of the website, i.e. mobile and desktop.

First off, we need to acknowledge the necessity for a mobile app that offers the full functionality of the website. This way punters do not get a feeling that they are missing out on something important and are free to bet in good faith.

In other words, a mobile sports bookie such as Betway or Bet365 would quite happily offer the whole array of options, and punters would be able to:

  • Place wagers
  • Deposit/withdraw funds
  • Compare odds
  • Make use of the in-play feature
  • Contact tech support

Moreover, the mobile and desktop version will also share a single wallet, meaning your funds will be ‘transferred’ across devices as long as it is the same account.

Crossplatform betting is a great way to switch between your precipitated-betting-sessions and more considerate plays at home. Apparently, bookies do care about getting the word out and so they push their offer even further with omnichannels.

Omnichannels or Confound It, Which Way Mobile Betting Goes?

All of them, pretty much. Omnichannel gambling is the practice whereby mobile sports bookies seek to consolidate not only their presence out in the physical world, but frankly reach out to clients in any way imaginable. Physical venues and online betting options are complimentary and indispensable, one without the other.

Omnichannel gambling

Punters are now offered a great variety of choice when it comes down to placing a wager:

  • Through a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet
  • Over the phone
  • At a physical venue
  • Online at a desktop computer

This abundance of ways to wager a bet has been proven to rev up interest and accessibility, contributing to the overall popularity of sports betting. Another boon is that bookies now stay open around the clock, which does away with the bonds of the past when devoted sports punters had to line up at physical venues.

More still, distributing betting options through a slew of channels also allows for broader marketing sweep. Ads appear both in the physical as well the digital world. Digitalizing sports betting also makes sharing on social media easier, thus prompting fresh bettors to flock to the bookies’ windows.

Lastly, offering customer support in its myriad form through calls, mails and live chats also reinforces that feeling of a super connected world.

Mobile Sports Betting Odds and How to Be Somewhat Better

Crunching odds sounds dreadful, and it is. However, mobile betting has given punters quite a bit of wriggle room when it comes to making the most of their bets. Let us start with the most popular ways of tackling the clever bookies.

Spreading odds

Loyalty here would not do you much good. But we may be overstating matters. We do not mean that you should seek ways to cheat the bookie, not by any stretch. Instead, try to garner an advantage, but still play smart by sticking to the best mobile sports betting sites, instead of venturing out into the wild.

It is proven that spreading bets between bookies actually reduces their ability to turn a profit out of you. Better still, if you are able to pinpoint the approximate values at which you will be winning that will quickly consolidate your overall success rate.

The drawback is that when professional bettors throw their weight into the ring, bookies appear to be quite the belligerent prizefighters. This is advanced theorycrafting here, but know that if you place down bets such as $14.03 that will immediately draw attention from the sportsbook you are betting at.

Moreover, you should know that in theory it is possible to use quantitative algorithms to work out solutions and beat bookies. However, how involved punters are with sports betting and how much they want to win is entirely up to them.

Bookmaker Sports Live Streams Extra Features Rating Review
Bet365 30+ Yes Cash Out
5.5 /6
Bet365 Review
Betfair 150+ Yes Quick Bet
4 /6
Betfair Review
10bet 150+ Yes Quick Bet
4 /6
10bet Review
Know your game

It is a plain advise, but being intimately familiar with a sport before preparing to go all out on it with a wads of cash may actually save, and potentially earn, you some money. Bear in mind that even professional teams are hiring analysts to do calculations for them.

In the past, team coaches have been publically shamed and held responsible for spying on enemy teams’ training routines. It is no trifle business. As the saying goes, ‘ignorance is power.’ On the other hand, could we have got this wrong?

Let us do away with the generalities here and get down to the bedrock of drubbing mobile betting sites.

Fade the public

fade the public A straightforward method of betting. Bookies generally put their odds in relation to what they think the public will most likely do. However, it could be difficult to guess which side a bookie’s odds sway at any given moment and background knowledge of the sport is necessary.

Focus on teams

sport knowledge By narrowing the scope of your betting as a novice punter, you will be able to more easily peruse odds at various bookies and see how they differ. If you lack in-depth knowledge of a sport, this may be a good way to start building up your sports betting fortress of knowledge.

Bet between 1 and 2% of the bankroll

small bets The problem here is that you would need a good starting capital to get everything under way. However, the yields of small bets as soon as you have, say $1,000, are rather juicy. Not only that, but you also hedge against major losses.

Use software to run the odds for you

Sports Betting Analytics Swish Analytics and Sports Insights are two powerful tools that allow punters to tease out trends that are otherwise difficult to spot. Punch in some variables and garner some insight into the intricate and number-ridden world of betting.

Best Mobile Betting Solutions On Site

As we have found out, mobile sports betting is a continuation of traditional betting. It is bookies’ ultimate bid to please the crowds and channel their zeal into an even greater number of laid bets. However, bookies do not have the ultimate advantage in the matter and the race for a steady influx of users creates what we can only describe as a healthy competition.

Savvy punters will always try to stay ahead of the curve, forcing bookies to adapt and come up with different solutions. It is an ongoing process that presupposes slips, and as bookies slips, punters will happily gather pennies while entranced in their smartphones’ screens.

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