New Betting Sites Or When Youngsters Rear Their Heads

When it comes to online betting, the heavens of fortune are interspersed with fathomless offers that beckon to the eager punter. Navigating the constellations of interplanetary objects is no joke. New betting sites come into the world violently, in a flash, and their incandescence seems to dim out just as quickly as they have spawned into life, almost as you would snuff out a candle. Knowing how to recognize the top new betting sites, however, may be the difference between a successful wager and bitter disappointment. What makes one betting den more deserving than the other? How do we make out the telltale signs that guide us to a credible operator? No doubt, with fresh-out-the-pen sportsbooks, there is always a risk lurking around the corner, but we are here to help you analyze the chance you are taking and transform it into a well-informed decision.

new online betting websites


Trusted Sports Betting Sites

sportsbooks who truly care about their customers

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  • Lots of promotions
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  • Soccer
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  • Tennis
  • Basketball

Payout speed

1-2 days


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Bet365 #2 Bet365 Review
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  • Rugby
  • Horse Recing
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
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  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
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  • Baseball
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  • Formula1
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Betfair #5 Betfair Review
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  • Rugby
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10bet #6 10bet Review
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  • Darts
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  • Volleyball
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When It Comes To The Best New Betting Sites – A Reality Check

It is difficult to navigate an unknown terrain. A familiar shadow may turn out to be a gaping pitfall and caution is advised. Normally, a savvy punter knows how to find their bearings in the wilderness of bettordom, bar only this time there seems to be no North to guide us with a steady hand. Still there are a few things to take into consideration. Most notably – research. Yes, researching and collating data may be as old as instruction itself, but it works. Know the facts and tease out the trends is an adage that seems to seal the deal when it comes to handpicking the best new betting sites. You’d like to find out any dirt on a newly-fledged sportsbook, and not fall for the salvo of tantalizing promotions and other clever ploys designed to exploit your innate flaws as a punter. After having consulted the reviews and discussions, or most commonly, fleeting impressions available, you may want to take a gander at our own reviews dedicated to some of the better operators out there. Short of that, there are a few other criteria to consider.

sign in bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

A clever ploy to lure in new customers and a staple product of a promising bookie. Make no mistake, while promotions, special offers and bonuses are a much sought-after commodity among punters, they come with prerequisites known as wagering requirements and those could put a damper on a young soul’s aspirations to affluence.

 betting markets

Variety of Markets

Usually, a novice’s lack of markets could not be held against them. In most sports, there is a real chance of dodgy match-fixing schemes being afoot, albeit, we maintain that while a concern, betting sites reluctance to plough ahead into unfamiliar territories is not just out of moralizing reasons. Nevertheless, having loads of markets to bet on demonstrates a level of commitment that is definitely not shortsighted.

different types of bets

Types of Bets

As well as having a plump choice of markets, odds can be just as revealing. Oftentimes, you will get accumulators, enhanced odds, and specifically tailored offers, varying across one event to the next. And some of the top betting sites that are hell bent to make a big splash are committed to introducing a variety.

banking methods

Banking Options

Moving your funds around should be done in an expedient and secure manner. A good bookie will have a set of clear-cut rules as to how various depositing and withdrawal operations happen. Read the minutiae carefully and hold your operator accountable for everything in the contract.

live sports betting

In-Play Betting and Mobile Betting

Those are two equally interesting features to consider. They involve a solid investment on the bookie’s end and could be one of the revealing signs affirming whether the bet you are about to plunk down is likely to pay off or be sucked into vacuum.

Prying Open the Coffers Of Those New Sports Betting Sites

A welcome bonus goes a long way to tell us more about a bookie. By perusing the wagering requirements, we may quickly see for ourselves if the offer comes with feasible play-through requirements, or unnecessary constraints. Interestingly enough, some professional bettors dispose with welcome bonuses altogether, as they prefer not to be constrained by deadlines.

  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Minimum odds: 1/2 (1.5)
  • Sports: 30+
  • Payout Speed: Very quick
  • Initial bonus: Unexciting
Get two $10 Free Bets + $10 Free Bet for mobile

T&Cs Apply, 18+

Back on track. One of the uppermost condition a punter should check out is how much a bonus and deposit (together or separately) have to be played through in order to claim the winnings. Most good bookies have that number set at five (5) others will shine greedy fangs and rev that number up to eight (8).

It is acceptable to have sterner wagering requirements, but new betting sites have to earn it. Coming out of a blue with salty prerequisites would put most punters off. We advise caution with any bookie that has just popped out of nowhere and is already putting rather strenuous demands.

Next on our menu are odds. Odds are the building blocks of the bettordom world. They spin, merge and split at heady speeds, being proffered for a fraction of a second before they change again and either materialize a successful wager or send a promising one down to oblivion.

Most novice bookies would have rough-and-ready odds waiting for punters with a few incongruities rearing their heads here and there. Overall, they will manage to deliver odds that are competitive and run close to those of established rivals. And encroaching on the domain of established betting sites is how you know that you have come upon not your everyday live-fast-die-young sportsbook.

Talking about odds and betting sites in general, some of those nascent ventures will even attempt to emulate the betting practices of long-established names in the industry. Double lines are, for examples, are usually frowned upon, but even some of the operators that have come to underpin the industry have been aptly using those.

In fact, the only drawback to earmarking players and slamming them with odds of varying probability, is how controversial some find it to be. It could be perceived as a tad unfair, and to some extent it is. However, those bookies worth their salt will usually have the rulebook carved in stone.

The Great Beyond Of Markets

Markets are the perennial prey of our top new betting sites. They come and go, change and gather momentum, but are ultimately always raising. If a bookie is serious about making big strides in the highly competitive world of betting, its offer will abound at a steady pace. Then again, having a say in what happens in some of the more obscure markets could be the cause of bellyaches for even the most-committed of sportsbooks. Oftentimes, players would flip on the sportsbook as their salaries may be inferior to what a well-placed wager and foul play could fetch them. Naturally, bookies are seeking to eradicate such practices and when that happens, punters are usually the collateral damage in the crossfire.

For better or for worse, betting presupposes risks. Nevertheless, while a rate of expansion can hardly be predicted with accuracy, the least a burgeoning operator could do is stoke the variety of sports, including the most popular such as soccer, NBA, NFL, and as their offering gradually expands perhaps the Olympics, Boxing, Hockey, and even the nether realms of electronic sports, which have had good last years. Yes, new betting sites will try and cover even your average day of pixelated digital carnage known as eSports.

betting advice


Market variety attests to a bookie’s commitment to the punter. The introduction of a rich picking of offers pushes punters to convert from one game into another and explore new winning scenarios. Caution, distracting yourselves with too many sports may just as well be counter-productive, so look closely.

With New Sports Betting Sites Reputation Is A Key

Much of the legwork has been done by today’s behemoths of sports betting. Blood has been bled, and sweat has been sweat. Inroads have been driven and safe roads built on the basis of those early attempts. So, new betting sites have a fair bit to go by. It seems that losing the straight pathway is a matter of intentional error rather than a chance occurrence.

bookmakers' reputationHaving had experience with bookies, a punter would be quick to spot the giveaway signals of a sports sites that is not quite so readily delivering on its promises. It has been done by all the big names in the industry and they have paid dearly. Those that weathered the ensuing storm did so by marshalling their efforts into burnish their reputation and most importantly – acknowledging that they had been at fault.

New sports sites where you can throw down a wager, if run as full-time prescient gigs, could heed the lessons of their peers and strive for excellency and fairness, making sure to fulfil promises as early on as possible. On the other hand, making a promise and failing to deliver on it is even worse.

A good way to spot a fraudster is by observing how a newly-spawned operator handles professional bettors, or those punters who are winning more than would be ideal for any given website. Double lines come into effect, but some operators opt for seedier practices, voiding wagers and coming down on those punters with the heft of makeshift rules.

In a word, a decent bookie will hardly ever, as it is, wager its reputation to earn petty cash. And sports betting as a whole being a rather sensitive subject, a savvy punter knows better not to pin their hopes on a bookie that has just seen the light of day but is already trying to skive people out of hard-earned currency.

Reputable Bookies Handle Money Fast, Quick, And Clean

It is true. All the brilliant odds in the world would not make much, well, odds if the new sports betting sites that have been trying to gain a foothold in the industry and elbow the competition, are not up to scratch when it comes to handling punters’ money.

Decent new online betting sites do not beat about the bush. They offer varying times of transfers, from instantaneous deposits up to five workdays for all sorts of withdrawals. A FAQ section is always on the ready to meet antsy bettors who have an inkling that their money could have been stuck in some of the faulty pipelines of the Internet.

Incidentally, when you carry out your initial research, you will quickly spot if people have not been getting their money. It is the sort of thing that raises a bit of outcry, intensified tenfold by acrimonious complaints.

Another overlooked aspect could be the fact that some bookies think they could let you foot the bill just because they are new. This is not quite true. Withdrawals and deposits are mostly free-of-charge at the flagship operators in the industry and as such the minnows ought to follow suite, if they want to ever swim with the big fish. Transaction times, delayed payments and equivocating when it comes down to punters’ money will see bookies fall from grace in a heartbeat. Steer clear of those new betting sites that refuse to bear responsibility for their actions.

Screen All Fired Up, Coins Shining – A Sportsbook In One’s Pocket

bet on the goAt a time when most punters will hop on their mobile to check how wagers have penned out or, in not as few occasions as one may think, follow through a live game being streamed, mobile betting comes just in the nick of time. Let us face it – wagering is about adding an additional layer of fun to the game, and how could we without being able to check up on the outcome of games in real time, unrestrained by the chains of specific venues.

So, when it comes to new betting sites, a mobile-friendly offer has to be on the cards. Not only is it a great comfort for the most anxious of punters, but does it also go a long way to put for some new betting bargains. Bonuses are exclusively tailored to come up with new promotions and incentives for punters to cough up handsomely.

Bear in mind that most new sports betting sites also offer separate bonus for both the desktop and mobile version, and the two usually dovetail nicely. Most bettors like the extra wager this natural flow of events gives them and they are happy to act on it in a timely fashion. Depriving them from what may seem a great opportunity is definitely a black eye for any incipient bookie.

Draw The Line And Settle The Scores – What Makes New Online Betting Sites Shine

winnerNew betting sites are tottering youngsters. They poke their heads out in the world, brimming with potential. Those sites may turn into either the next big thing or flop and leave punters disenchanted. Nevermind the precariousness of betting at a new bookie. Our guide should serve you well. Remember to steer clear from the clever marketing ploys lingering behind every spiffy image inviting you to all-too-readily splurge cash. Stick to your guns, punters. Outnumbered is not the same as outgunned after all.

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