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We are going to try and keep this page as brief as possible because we are positive that you want to start sinking your teeth into the wealth of information, we have packed onto this site already. We just figured that we would give you a quick overview of the sorts of things that we are able to tackle here.


Who We Are

Top Online Betting is a website run by a group of four people who love the world of sports betting. Since we have won a considerable sum of cash from betting, we decided to give something back to the community. We offer a lot of information across the site although, as you may imagine, a lot of it is focused on reviewing the best online betting sites around. This means that you can be sure that you are always gambling at the best possible places.



John is our ‘go to’ expert when it comes to soccer betting. Whether it is the best bets to make, the best websites to head to, or just betting advice overall, John is our man.
Because John tends to favor betting on soccer matches, he is a real dab hand when it comes to live betting. In fact, barely a Saturday goes by when the lad is not live betting on a Premier League match or two.

We also rely on John for advice when it comes to accumulator betting, another staple in the world of soccer betting. In fact, he has won around $10,000 from one accumulator at some point. We reckon that he was one of the only people in the world mad enough to bet on Leicester to win the Premier League.



Simon, like John, is very much a fan of soccer betting, but he tends to bet down the lower end of things.
John loves to engage in a little bit of spread betting, something which is very much unheard of in the world of soccer betting, mostly because people do not understand the whole concept. Simon certainly does.
Simon is a bit more cautious than some of the people that work on our site, and the bulk of his bets exist purely to build up his bankroll as opposed to anything else. This means that his maximum winnings on a single bet were closer to the $1000 mark, but he consistently wins due to the safety of his plays. You know what they say; slow and steady wins the race!



It only happens once every 4-years, but when the Olympics rolls around, it is Julia’s chance to well and truly shine.
This is a lass who knows mosft Olympic events inside out. In fact, we are envious of the amount of knowledge she has during the latter stages of an event, where she is able to make decent predictions almost perfectly. She managed to win $12k during London 2012.
When she is not waiting for the next Olympics to roll around, you can find Julia going through betting site after betting site trying to work out which one is the best to play at. A lot of our reviews have started based upon a recommendation from Julia.



He is not one for big bets. His betting patterns are more like most of the people who will browse this website. He loves to watch multiple sports events each month. As long as it is a sport, he doesn’t care. You can catch Barry betting on soccer, hockey, and football.

Barry is one of those people that loves to bet using mobile devices, and we often use him to check out the mobile side of things on our site.

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