Live Betting Online And A Spotlight That Never Goes Out

Have a quick glance at the thicket of bookies out there, hovering closethe summits of sports betting, and you will notice that not single one of those can afford the luxury of not including live betting online as part of its offering. The appeal and popularity of live betting, also known as in-running betting and in play betting, has made every bookie in the industry sit up and listen.

Live betting online certainly adds another dimension to the whole process of spectating sports. Apart from the close last-calls and swift change in odds and fortunes, live betting also remains a profitable market for the savvy punter. It is because of this that bookies have hurried up to extend their offer to a wide range of sports and events, including leagues, tournaments and markets as a whole.

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Top Sports Betting Sites 2024 – Tested and Rated

sites to bet live and in-play on sports

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What Makes For Fulfilling Live Sports Betting?

First a few words about the nature of live betting. It is basically a type of betting whereby punters flick their well-considered, and somewhat less so, wagers at sports from the getgo until the very last whistle. Far from being the preserve of betting hotheads, live sports betting today extends to virtually every sport imaginable and bookies are bravely forging ahead in its pristine clean waters. If we have to give a more thorough account of what is to follow, we may as well break it down to:

  • Websites & markets, including popular sports
  • The role of smartphones in in-play betting
  • Important features
  • Live betting strategy
  • The long and short of live betting

Normally, not everything was regulated back in the day and online betting made its first tentative efforts back in 1994, offshore of course. In its own right, this was a watershed moment for punters and bookies alike. Perhaps not many anticipated the ensuing bonanza of live betting, which was partly ushered in by the proliferation of smartphones.

In-play betting, however, could rightly be traced back to betting exchanges where punters would be allowed to not only wager on the outcome of matches, but also bet against certain events occurring.

Live Betting Sites And Where The Wild Things Dwell

Whole constellations of bookies intersperse the betting heavens and under their weight, they wobble. The best live betting websites out there do not spare a penny when it comes to delivering an impeccable service to punters. We have a whole lot of operators who are vying for the title of the world’s premier spot to flick bets while games and matches are afoot.

For the most part, live betting will cover a diverse range of sports, with football, basketball, and tennis being uppermost in the minds of punters. Live betting casts its net generously and extends to all events, large and small, that are taking place in the world at any given moment.

Bookies also diversify the ways they are bringing these offers to punters. In the olden days, people would need to sit diligently at home, or a suitable venue, to access the desktop version of their operator of choice. Today this has largely changed due to mobile betting. Even though the popularity of in-play betting is not spurred by the readiness with which mobile betting is adopted, mobile betting in no way hurts live betting online. On top of that, in-play betting is mostly carried out of punters’ smartphones instead of in-person at physical venues designated for this.

What the best live betting websites share in common is a well-marked diversity of markets – more than even the well-seasoned punter can cope with. Unabated variety of sports and events to bet on constitutes an important part of the offering of any bookie. Lastly, bookies will plump for a variety of ways of making their live betting features available to punters, including through the ready offer of mobile betting.

Best Options for In Play Sports Betting in 2019

Live Odds Yes Yes Yes
Cash Out Yes Yes Yes
Sports Markets 30+ 40+ 31+
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Betting On Steroids Safely And How Betting Live Makes Us All Heady

Live betting is not an instigator of all things ill-considered. Quite on the contrary, it allows both for steady profits and considerate play while allowing punters to share in the action as it unfolds on the screen. Some of the niftiest features that come together with it is the so-called “Cash Out” option, which allows for punters to pack up and move upsticks, calling their bets before a game has concluded.

cash out optionBetter still, punters are allowed to change their bets as games progresses. So, for instance, if someone is betting on over 1.5 goals during a football match and then a goal is scored early, then they can change that wager to under 2.5 goals and score profit.

However, there are pitfalls. To some extent, bookies believe that the average punter will be misled and act as the result of a spur-of-the-moment consideration rather than out of a well-thought-out wager. It is because of this anyone setting out to bet live is advised to focus on teasing out trends.

Overall, if emotions and sheer fandom can be removed out of the equation, in-play betting somewhat favors the punter. By using a live streaming service, punters may follow the events and make their own calls rather than following blindly the guiding hand of bookies’ odds. Live streaming also comes with mobile betting. Estimated 50% of all betting online is carried out via one’s mobile. Not surprisingly live betting apps do exist.

Myriad Little Ways of Being The Best At Live Betting

We have iterated throughout our writing that reveling in the game as it transpires and knowing there is money on the line may translate into poor decision on the part of punters. However, there are is a set of clear-cut rules that make circumnavigating some of the perils not as tasking as it may appear.

Keep track of the team you are betting on

track your favorite teams and compare odds Let us start with the fairly obvious. Rooting for a single team or player could make it much easier to track your favorite across bookies, compare odds and glean a better insight on what the general opinion of bookies is. Furthermore, try to study your team’s or player’s strengths and weaknesses, try to understand why some matches turn out to be outright wins while others are heavy drubbings.
Particularly in the case of popular team games, it is easy to be on the lookout for changes in management or transfer of key players. Age is no small contributor towards the overall performance of a player and it may prudently be considered prior to placing a wager.

Avoid obsessing over losses

Dealing With A Losing Run In Sports Betting Live betting sites offer tempting odds, which make punters, both well-seasoned and rookies, bet more readily. However, the greatest pitfall perhaps is to try and make up for a loss by splurging heavily. If you run into a losing streak, punters ought to remain calm and reexamine your betting strategies when it comes to sports betting. Instead of betting large amounts in order to recoup one’s losses, bettors should try to downsize the amounts of their wagers until they start winning again. This brings us to our next betting tip.

Bet within an inch of your bankroll – 1% or 2 % at the outside

learn how to manage your risk Drawing from what has been said previously, a losing streak cannot be averted. Even skilled bettors oftentimes get stuck in a rut. However, there are ways to manage risk.

Betting only a fraction of your bankroll is one way to go about it. That is why most skilled bettors opt for the 1% and 2% options. Naturally, if punters start with a small pool, they would not be able to meet the minimum amount of wagers, in which case a greater percentage would need to be wagered. Nevertheless, it would still suffice and hedge against adversity.

It is just business, bet with your mind

Sports Betting Strategies Overview In-play betting may quickly make punters oblivious of the realities of a game. By rooting for teams that we like rather than those that stand a real chance of winning, we are taking a step in the wrong direction.

More successful bettors know that the key to being a dab hand at betting lies solely in the fact of taking considerate and logical decisions which are rooted in what information punters have at heart. Plumping for your favorite team may be what most punters what to do, but if they are in this for reaping profits, they may need to reconsider.

If possible, crunch your own odds

sports betting odds - explained

Sometimes bookies will push the odds either up or down. Essentially, value betting will occur when punters spot odds that actually reflect less than the actual probability of a sporting event occurring in the suggested way.
A real life situation of value betting, in football at least, would be a case where Arsenal are playing with odds of 2.50. At such odds Arsenal are slated to win at 40%. However, punters may actually believe the probability is even higher, at 50%.

Identifying value betting, however, is tasking and bookies will strive not to ever present you with the opportunity. The perennial prey of sports betting remains – how do we nail value betting down?

Fade the public

Think different

An easy to follow approach is betting against the public opinion. Bookies always tailor their odds to what they think their punters would most likely do. Admittedly, betting against the public then turns into you playing in the same boat with the bookies, however there are some subtler aspects to it that are not as easy to spot.

For starters, how does anyone know what teams or players people are rooting for, and consequently, what teams or bookies the bookies have in mind when hammering out their odds. There may be a few telltale signs, such as identifying popular teams, players and whether either one is getting an excessive coverage.

Fade the public is a great overall stratagem. It is easy to deploy and may quickly translate into profits. However, its simplicity is also its greatest drawback.

Bookies may spot punters who bet solely using this method and decide to deny them service or even cancel out payments. Soon a punter using this tactic for in-play betting may find himself constrained.

Naturally, in-play betting is also a faster paced type of betting which would render the task of betting against the public a rather hazardous undertaking. Safety first!

Update yourself and do not dismiss injuries

Live Streaming Sports Betting

Now, in-play betting is like any other. If it is a player versus player game, then taking account of injuries may not signify that much as most players will simply opt out of a race, and then, if they don’t the odds will be pretty straightforward.

With team games such as football and basketball for example, subs of main players may even add some vim to the team that seems clearly disadvantage. For a lot of players who just sub for a star player, that is a key moment to shine, and therefore may be expected to excel.

So far as betting strategies about in-play are concerned, we may need to answer two more questions, specifically the role of the mobile phones in it and is live streaming is important at all.

  • We have pointed out to a correlation between in-live betting and people opting for their smartphones. We believe both phenomena to be independent of one another and popular based on their own merits. Bettors overall are adopting those live betting apps, which also cover other forms of betting as well, chiefly for the sake of comfort. Being able to flick bets from one’s mobile has proven bread-and-butter for punters, and bookies have happily obliged.
  • As to the virtues of live streaming, it may be helpful to have the game unfolding before one’s eyes as it would allow punters to make better-considered decisions, being updated in realtime.
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The Long Road Ahead Will Be Broadcast

In-play betting has hit bookies to revolutionize the fairly young segment of online betting. It has done a great job of adding another layer of enjoyment to the whole business of sports betting. On top of that, both bookies and bettors have probed some uncharted waters insofar as revenues are concerned. It is precisely of in-play betting’s high entertainment value and opportunity to reap large profits that the segment is going to prosper with its followers raptly staring at their screens.

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